Greetings from the dOnline team!

We are actually pretty surprised and psyched that someone came to read About page on such a high-velocity pass-through website - so thank You for your interest!

As any website worth its salt - dOnline started by a small group of engineers that wanted to solve a problem.

The beast that we are tackling is ridiculous ad pollution that an average internet surfer has to deal with all the time while trying to do something small seemingly simple and fast. Instead what we see today is the simpler the task the more annoying it is to get it done clicking through multitude of ad-banners, redirects, anti-virus alerts and click-baits.

For example, converting and downloading mp4 video or mp3 audio from Youtube or Instagram or Facebook or any other popular website nowadays is an extremely daunting task, by our calculations one has to endure at least 10 different ads popping up all over pages and in redirects before anything useful happens. Granted most of the tools available are free and work quite well but redirecting to a malicious page with anti-virus alert or with sound-ad breaking office silence - is never a reasonable price to pay for such a simple task.

After some time of enduring that ourselves we had enough... Having a ton of cost efficient website engineering experience in the bag - we think we can do better.

So we set out to build a toolkit for everyday tasks for ourselves and for others and we are going to do it with minimal cost of running the site in mind from day 1. When we achieve that we would have a solid foundation that would not require us to spam ads just to break even.

We promise to You, our Dear User, that we will:
  • Never have more than 2 ad banners on a page.
  • Never will redirect You anywhere from our pages.
  • Never will do anything fishy like making You click on some invisible links.

We will be working to build trust with You by keeping those promises.

After all we know that our tools are not unique and there are numerous similar tools around - but we hope we can distinguish ourselves by providing the most pleasant experience, apart from being free and stable, of course.

Please bookmark, refer and link to us if You like what we do - help us to reduce internet ad-pollution!

Contact Us

For any enquiries, partnership offers or feedback please contact us on [email protected]